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Wrap around style dog harness. Step in with both front legs then secure with a single buckle over the shoulders. Easy on and off. 
Fasten your dog's leash into the two d-rings and go. 

Great for use with long lines for scent work, tracking, and making your companions ability to work easier and reliable.

1" wide material (3/4 and 1/2 available upon request - email

24-38" gerth (other sizes available upon request)

     Measure widest area around chest (under front arms up to withers) to verify size


Lupine Step In Harness

  • “Even if Chewed” Guarantee continues as the cornerstone of the Lupine brand.
    They focus on making the very best gear for your pets and theirs!
    Every item is made by hand, using only the most outstanding quality components, ensuring that their pet gear will provide the very best in safety and style for your pets!

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