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FitPAWS Bones standard size (2); FitPAWS CanineGym Caveletti set (2); FitPAWS Balance Pad (1). You will be invoiced separately for exact shipping cost. Shipping is typically between $22 and $45.


Bones Color
  • This kit features:
    FitPAWS Bones (2): Instability training is a fun way to bond with your dog, teach them a new behavior and strengthen the core ~ which is the powerhouse of your dog’s body. Fun fitness training with the K9FITbone™ is also a great way to reduce stress, burn excess calories, and it’s a healthy “job” for your dog.


    • Core and Muscle Strengthening
    • Balance TrainingBoosts Confidence
    • Improves CoordinationBetter
    • Joint HealthCreates a Stronger Bond
    • Reduces Behavior Challenges
    • Senior Strengthening
    • Puppy Confidence Building
    • Great for All Dogs

    The Patented K9FITbone™ DOG BALANCE PLATFORM:• *approx. size 23”x 10” Low Profile Canine Balance Platform (pump included)• Superior Gripping – Made For Dogs• Sensory Bumps Provide Neural Stimulation

    FitPAWS CanineGym Dog Agility Kit (2): Agility helps develop a stronger bond, confidence and self-awareness for dogs of any age or breed.

    Mix and match to create new mental challenges and incorporate exercises that strengthen hind limbs, front limbs and core.

    Indoor and Outdoor Exercise
    15 minutes a Day

    • Cardio
    • Agility
    • Gait Training
    • Body Awareness

    • 12 - 12” Cones, 3 Height Adjustments
    • 6 Collapsible, Interlocking Jumping Rails
    • 2”, 5”, 8” are the hole settings.
    • Fully extended poles are 3’ or 36”
    • Lightweight for On-The-Go Portability
    • Some Rail Assembly Required (Space Saving)

    FitPAWS Balance Pad (1): The yielding foam construction constantly challenges the dog’s body to maintainbalance and stabilize joints.

    - Closed-cell Foam Construction, Easy to Clean
    - 15” x 18.25” x 2”

  • You will be invoiced separately for exact shipping cost. Shipping is typically between $22 and $45.

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